K A N S A S   C I T Y   T A TT O O E D   P I N   U P   B O U D O I R   M O D E L



Name: Ellie Alexandra

Nationality: Mixed white and Bolivian

Age: 26

Location: Kansas City

Travel: Worldwide (Passport Ready)

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'3

Weight: 105

Skin: Soft, Tanned & Toned

Lingerie: size Small/Extra small

Shoe Size: 7

Heel Size: open toe 7.5 closed toe 7

Panty Size: Extra small

Bra Size: 32DDD


Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Favorite Music: Pop, r&b & hip hop

Favorite TV Show: American horror story

Favorite NCAA Basketball Team: Kansas Jayhawks

Favorite NBA Team: Oklahoma City Thunder


Clothing Style: I adore nothing more than dressing up for important occasions and I have a wide array of wardrobe. I can also be casual and comfy if need be. I love outfit request and depending on our evening together, I will wear a sexy yet elegant cocktail dress, jeans with a nice shirt and heels.


Indulgences: Mexican Food, Working Out, Traveling, Beaches